Thirteenth Grade Communities

The Thirteenth Grade program is for the recently indpendent. Although designed as a sequel to Keystones for groups to continue to working together past Keystones completion, existing affinity groups can create their own community at any time. Individuals may apply for membership to groups that are open to new members.

In Keystones, students were introduced to independent living concepts and perspectives. Now, the focus of the program changes from a sequenced curriculum to a community support group. Students shape the agenda to learn new skills as their circumstances dictate. Meanwhile, continuing the relationship with their friends as their lives unfold.

Membership in the Practical Adademics 13th grade community is $30 per year following the introductory period. Communities will determine their own membership guidelines, operating procedures, growth, and direction, including:

  • Topics for dicussion
  • Programs to taken as a group
  • Selection of a group Mentor

Community Listings

Practical Academics Online Community