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Introducing Keystones, a soft skills program for independent living.  Keystones is a new take on an old idea: let’s provide our graduating seniors the additional knowledge and skills they will need to thrive on their own.

Keystones is an internet (cloud-based) program for small groups of students.  A mentor guides the group through fifteen topics in the areas of well-being, social and success skills, knowledge management, and the practical skills we need to make a good start. Students will learn about each of these topics, discuss their perspectives with their group members, reflect on their needs, and set growth goals.  The time commitment is only a couple of hours per week, with one face-to-face meeting to build and sustain team chemistry.

Qualified Mentors are good communicators, work well with groups of young adults, and are comfortable working with online and mobile environments. We train and support you. See details of the program here.

Since the program is for small groups and is cloud-based, meetings can be held anywhere: in a classroom led by a counselor or senior project teacher, by a parent in a living room, or by a coach or counselor meeting at a coffee shop or other public area. The materials and tools are available anytime and anywhere you have internet access.

So, if you are part of a group interested in setting yourself up for a successful transition for life on your own, please contact us for more information or to enroll.

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