Career Storybook

Career Storybook is an educational journey that takes students from inner discovery to applied purpose.  

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The program is delivered in mentored small groups, with a mix of learning activities from fictional narratives, essays, videos, independent study projects, and guided conversations. The program is partially self-paced, and within the mentoring relationship, becomes partially individualized.

Career Storybook helps students ground their career and life decisions in self-knowledge by helping them discover their Gifts: what the student believes and knows to be true about themselves: their strengths, personal characteristics, individual style, values, interests, etc. This thread continues throughout the program as students connect their gifts to career plans and develop a written, prioritized, and actionable personal plans.

Part 1.  What are my gifts? 

In order to achieve at a high level and to live satisfying lives, we all must become our best selves in order to compete and thrive. Students begin their a personal success by selecting short journal prompts in eight formative categories.

Part 2.  How shall I apply my gifts? 

In the second quarter (part 2), students are introduced to the world of work, from individual contributor positions to typical organizational functions, the types of characteristics that makes someone in those positions successful.

Part 3.  Where shall I apply my gifts?

the second semester is structured as a workshop where student can do independent or group projects to explore fields, or sectors, where they might offer their services. In addition to this personal career-based purpose, students will delve into selected issues that various fields attempt to address and/or resolve in the larger spheres of society.  Student may come to the program with a clear focus on a particular career, others may have little idea of where they will make their mark. The program is personalized, and has the flexibility for all students to advance their career development plans.

By the end of the course, Students will have a concrete career action plan grounded in confidence of self-knowledge and focused for their individual success.

Career Storybook is developed for use by schools, service programs, and families, and can be configured as a daily elective, a once per week club, in home schooling settings, and as an online-only program for disciplined students.

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