Keystones are the wisdom and knowledge about how we live our lives, received from our ancestors and passed to our children. In our program, we provide instruction and guidance for students to discover and explore their way of being in the world in concrete ways that will provide lasting, lifelong benefits.

Keystones is part direct instruction, part practical skills development, and part group coaching. Students receive assignments, perform explorations, and engage in classroom and online discussions about the topics of the course.

Cloud-based learning tools are used to deliver the course either in a blended (part in class, part online) or completely online environments.  Access to computers and/or mobile devices is required.

Practical Academics offers this year-long course for teens and young adults who are preparing for life on their own. Keystones is a capstone course covering five key literacies not directly taught in schools, but necessary for an independent, satisfying and successful  life:

  • Wellness. The foundation of health without which nothing else is possible. We explore wellness, positive attitude, growing up, and spiritual and emotional health.
  • Communications. How we develop and navigate relationship, personal, social, and societal.
  • Success. Organizational disciplines, active career management, and the perspective of professionalism.
  • Knowledge. Information mastery and knowledge management; the commitment and tools to be a lifelong learner.
  • Practical Life Skills. Financial wisdom and perspectives, civic empowerment and self-advocacy, and independent living skills.

Keystones is designed for use by schools, service organizations, and youth groups. It can be configured as a daily elective, once per week club, or in home schooling settings. The content can be customized to meet organizational and cultural requirements. Graduates may continue their work by participating in the independent living support program,