Young Adult

We offer turn-key platforms and ongoing support groups for young. These platforms are for schools and service programs, independent mentors, and directly from practical academics mentors. These are living programs, designed for continous improvement. We are ‘seeding’ the program with content, structure, and process. Through the mentor community, student and mentors learnings and ideas will be captured and the program improved. These programs are constructed to be locally controlled and customizable to meet the specific needs of the student populations and organizational cultures.

Our platform design philosophy is based on three foundations:

  • Learner-centered, personalized learning programs which move all students forward on their learning journeys
  • Mentor-led small groups provide the benefits of group brainstorming, creative problem solving, mutual accountability, growth, and support
  • Blended learning allows students to study as far and wide as they want, at the place and time of their choosing, then participate in real time and asynchronous conversations

Keystones is designed to help students who are preparing for life on their own with the independent living skills and perspectives necessary for a successful transition to self-sufficiency. The program is highly interactive, using short, powerful content to stimulate discussions around fifteen topics.

Career Storybook is a career exploration platform progresses students from inner discovery to applied purpose.  We work in partnership with your staff to localize the program to meet the needs of your student population. local economy, and organizational culture.

The Public Square is a discussion and debate platform for intra- or inter-scholastic use. TPS uses the power of education, discussion, and debate to increase understanding, develop respect for divergent viewpoints, and improve outcomes.

The Thirteeth Grade is a collection of support communities for young adults transitioning into independent and professional lives.