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Learning Organizations Win

Organizational learning strategies engage employees and attract customers, leveraging the powers of empowerment and diversity to distribute decision-making, out-competing command and control management models.

  • Customers are attracted to companies whose employees can get things done quickly and efficiently
  • Organizations realize economic efficiencies where employees can work quickly and efficiently cross-departmentally
  • Organizations attract and retain top talent to cultures where they are supported in keeping current and competitive in their field

    Engaging Education Attracts and Retains Participants

    Typical DIY and lecture programs superficially impart knowledge and skills. Interactive programs engage learners in valuable and rewarding learning experiences.


    • Personalized learning means you are engaging students by incorporating their interests
    • Using group-based learning provides the foundation for engagement
    • Working in groups provides a deeper and more sustaining learning experience.
    • Interactive strategies provide context to practice learnings, deepening retention and mastery.

      Non-Profits and Mission-Driven Organizations

      • Use our model for membership growth (classes) and engagement (workshops)
      • Offer PSA as an opportunity to spread their mission (PSA): Sm/Mid NP who wants to spread geographically
      • Opportunity to develop, host, and/or participate in citizen/expert forums
      • Traditional T&D services for staff and volunteers: core functions, service, etc.
      • Hosting and mentoring programs for nonprofits (add their programs to the program catalog).
      • Program Marketing and Grant Writing Services


      The Instructional Artist Collective is a professional development membership community for:

      • Instructional Designers, Academic, Faculty, Coaches/Counselors, and Subject Matter Experts.

      We provide programs and workshops on interactive program design and delivery to help you increase participant enrollment in your organizations, schools, and online programs.

      We offer design, delivery, and marketing support along with a series Workshops on interactive strategies. We offer program discounts for members and solopreneurs.


        • Blended learning hosting and operations
        • Interactive Program Design and Delivery classes and workshops
        • Distance Education program design and hosting for non-traditional, professional, vocational, private, and charter/homeschools.
        • Hosted professional development communities.
        • Lead and host “systems model” program design and collaboration projects.
        • Program Marketing Services
        • Seeking partners for Student Services programs (career, personal development, success skills).


        educate. empower. engage.

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