Instructional Artists Collective

Who is it for?

Our focus is on developing and delivering highly engaging online training and education classes, workshops, and forums.  We serve three constituents

1) Designers: Instructional Designers and curriculum developers

2) Mentors: Trainers, teachers, adjunct professors, coaches, and counselors

3) Solopreneurs: Influencers, thought leaders, independent educators, and Subject Matter Experts who wish to develop an income stream using their expertise.


What will you gain?

Increase your ability to develop and/or deliver highly engaging programs that transform people’s personal, professional, and civic lives. 

You will learn to reach across and overcome cultural, technological, and personal barriers to participation.


When should you consider joining?

When you recognize and commit to the proposition that engagement and relationships are the foundations of quality, impactful programs. 

When you want more impactful training in your organization, more attentive and committed participants for your classes.

When you are ready to use education and engagement strategies to develop your coaching or consulting practice.


How is it different?

Our focus is on developing and delivering engaging learning experiences. Period. 

When you put participant engagement as your priority.  Engaged participants lead to higher rates of completion, deeper learning, and more enjoyable experience, and to reputation and word of mouth referrals.

Participants can congregate in our waiting room, developing ideas and forming cohorts before embarking on a workshop.

Mentored support groups. Designers and mentors typically act as “sole proprietors” for program design.  Be part of a peer-support community to give and get accountability and support, and to explore strategies and tactics and participate in team-based program design projects.

Participant driven content and programs. This is a collaborative community.

Our program catalog provides a source of income to mentors and designers.

Our workshops focus exclusively on specific engagement strategies and practices. Workshops can be self-paced or completed as part of a cohort.

Opportunities to participate in consulting projects.

Access to tools and services for developing and delivering your program.

A variety of curated support services from marketing, coaching, graphic design, website development, editorial, copyrighting, and trademarking services.

Why "Artists?"

Artists work in their chosen forms to transform their audiences, to help them see the world differently, to develop new appreciations, to add depth and soul.  As Instructional Artists, we seek to go beyond knowledge transfer and skill-building to help people grow in their personal, professional, and civic lives. 

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