Instructional Artists Collective

The Instructional Artists Collective (IAC) is a professional development community for program designers and mentors: instructional designers, teachers, coaches and counselors, and subject matter experts who wish to develop interactive program mastery and participate in a supportive professional development community. As instructional artists, we seek to transform our program participants by helping them develop their perspectives, becoming more empowered and effective in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

In joining the IAC, you become a part of a peer-support community where you can develop mastery designing and mentoring online interactive programs while also developing rewarding relationships.

The IAC membership includes a repository of resources for interactive program development and delivery and access to vetted consultants to help further the success of your programs.

We manage a collection of collaborative projects to build for fun, to develop your skills, or for income.

We produce the blog and podcast called “Engagement,” covering topics drawn from a variety of disciplines to support the ongoing mastery of our mentor’s ability to engage their audiences.

Program designers retain their IP rights to their content, program mentors set their program prices. For more information, check our FAQ.

We offer five income opportunities for IAC members.

1. Build and deliver programs on our learning platforms

Develop or convert your existing program to an online interactive program.  The core programs are Program Design and Mentoring.  If you are a ‘solopreneur,” we offer a bundle of these courses and include the development of a collaborative marketing plan. We offer a three-program bundle to get your program to market in 90 days.

2. Earn royalties

As your reputation increases and you establish yourself as a thought leader, earn royalties by training and supporting mentors using your program. Share your expertise, spread your message, and scale your impact. Contact us for terms.

3. Be a mentor

Certified mentors can offer programs from the program catalog to the market, to a group of participants or to their organizations. As a mentor, you set the price for the program, in consultation with the designer and IAC staff.

4. Deliver Workshops

Mentors with interactive design expertise can earn income by offering their own expertise to the IAC community. Build and deliver programs, workshops, and/or support forums which enhance member’s capabilities and your standing as a subject matter expert. 

5. Consulting

Serve as an independent consultant developing and delivering programs for Practical Academics customers. We post opportunities to the IAC community first to see who is interested in the project. We will create a scope of work and bid the job.

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