Local Economic Development

The primary responsibility of a chamber of commerce or local economic development agency is the long-term economic vitality of the communities served. We know that when our economy is on hard times, the people in our community suffer. We also know that we must keep abreast of trends in society so we can anticipate changes and stay ahead.  Chambers and Economic Development Agencies fight stagnation with innovation and execution.

Our economic development program provides needs assessment and program development support, access to our program catalog of basic business, personal and professional development programs. For background, see the blog post on this site and on the US Chamber of Commerce site.


Consultative Program Development

Practical Academics works in partnership with local representatives and organizations to identify, curate, and develop training and development programs for your community. We help with needs assessment, gap analysis, and program development. We train and support your personnel in program design and delivery.

Program Catalog

We provide access to our catalog of programs and our network of mentors. The catalog features a range of basic business skills classes, soft skills and personal personal development, civic engagement programs, and career and entrepreneurship workshops.

Onboarding Programs

Effective onboarding programs let new employees know they are valued, efficiently transition them into their workflow, and provide critical relationships for their integration into the team. Ineffective onboarding is an invitation for employees to continue job hunting.


Cross-Training Programs

Cross-training creates efficiency and builds relationships. We have a tendency to develop our knowledge in silos, creating miscommunication and gaps between organizational functions. Empower your employees to master the big picture of your organization in order to realize efficiency innovations. 

Customer Education

Too many organizations toss their products over the wall, leaving training, acceptance, and  utilization for the customer to figure out. Our customer education programs build utilization and acceptance through practice and reinforced knowledge, creating raving fans. A support function becomes a strategic asset.


Microlearning programs are short, regular, timely, and relevant lessons and reminders. Leaders have direct access to participants, and participants keep current while on the go. Repetition, reinforcement, and consistency deepen learning and adoption.

The Public Square Academy

The Public Square Academy (PSA) is a collection of civics and consumer education programs designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens. The courses cover topics on effective citizenship, community-based engagement programs, empowering consumers, public service, policy, and institutions.

Career Storybook

Career Storybook (CSB) offers educational programs for individuals to find their best career in alignment with their strengths, interests, and values. The courses cover career alignment, career readiness, organizational life, and entrepreneurship.


Keystones offers support clubs and wellbeing programs: life skills for the newly independent, family and life coaching, and wellbeing programs to help us work with our burdens, traumas, and conditions.

The Chops Academy

The Chops Academy offers ongoing professional development programs to targeted niche audiences mentored by top performers in their fields. These programs are for professional who want to innovate and lead at the top of their careers in a supportive community of peers.

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