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Development, Consulting, and Workshops

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Development Projects

Lifestyle Medicine Program (Keystones)

This is a team project to develop an education and support program for wellbeing. We are looking for SMEs to develop content in four areas: Diet, Exercise, Stress Management (Yoga and Meditation), and a love expert (life/relationship coach, therapist). SMEs will develop an introductory course to establish foundational knowledge, then provide regular content (recipes, exercise plans, meditations, advise) to ongoing support communities. SMEs will act as advisers to the program mentors.

Soft Skills Programs (Keystones and Chops Academy) 

This is a working group to design, develop, and offer a series of educational programs and workshops for the development of soft skills series for personal (Keystones) and professional (Chops Academy) growth. We’ll start by creating a development road map addressing which skills in which groupings to offer to which markets in which sequence.  This is a key area of our offerings as they leverage the benefits of the interactive model.

Workshops Development Opportunities

Building high functioning groups

Develop and offer a program to the IAC community on group formation and development.  High functioning groups are a critical requirement for interactive learning. Teach designers and mentors how to build and nurture vibrant groups in online learning environments.  Participants will develop their own group development strategy in this program.

Role-playing for personal and professional growth

Teach designers and mentors strategies and techniques for crafting and managing role plays for personal and professional growth. Participants will develop role plays for use in their programs, and practice role-plays to develop their master of role-playing techniques.

Consulting Projects

Remote Customer Service

Quality customer service can make or break a business.  Organizations are increasingly relying on remote service workers, who need to understand the organization’s mission and products, use the organization’s tools, and interact effectively within the organizations. Develop a customer service program for remote workers who can function as integral parts of their organizations.  We are seeking two versions: a certificate program for prospective empmloyees seeking a career is service, and for organizations to train their entry-level service personnel.

Non-Profit Volunteer Training

Develop a generic volunteer training program for nonprofits. Include generally used volunteer onboarding, training on the organization’s mission, and typical volunteer skills.  This is a core offering and will be customized to include the specific requirements of non-profit clients. Include a train-the-trainer component.

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