Build and Operate an Online Community


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The first public online community was the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link (WELL), established in 1985.  Since then online communities have become a part of our lives. We participate in social media, we join special interest and advocacy groups, and participate in brand and product communities.

An online community brings the power of customer relationships to your program while extending your geographic reach as far as the internet can reach.

Why operate an Online Community?

  • Support your customers, clients, and participant
  • Gain valuable insights to improve your products and services
  • Deliver ongoing education and instruction for professional development
  • Convene experts within a field or around a problem.

In this program, you will develop and launch an online community in four weeks. In this program, you will

  • Define the purpose and goals of your community
  • Develop a marketing and monetization strategy for your community
  • Develop a content plan and roadmap
  • Select the appropriate platform and structure for your community
  • Develop an operational plan to manage, onboard, and engage your participants


The class meets weekly for six weeks. Graduates are invited to join C2 – our community of community operators.

90-Minute video meetings on a day and time TBD based on participant schedules.

Student Workload:   3-5 hours/week reading, research, and writing plus weekly 90-minute video calls.

Instructor: Michael Freedman

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