a la Carte Services

Consultative Training and Development

Learning organizations retain their competitive knowledge by actively participating in the learning process. We consult with you to design, build, and support T & D programs that are efficient, that ensure critical knowledge is retained and sustained, and that support quality relationship development within the organization. 

Continuous Learning Communities

Continuous Learning Communities provide ongoing education and peer support to ensure participants advance in their areas of expertise. An expert mentor or manager guides the group, and the group collaborates in setting the agenda to assure topics and content are relevant.

Interactive Program Design

We work with your subject matter experts to design interactive programs for your institution or organization. Strategies include problem- and project-based learning, case study design, role playing, gamification, and the use of fiction and story. We follow a standard consulting process of discovery, scope of work, bid and acceptance, then execution.

Online Education Programs

Increase retention and participation with interactive learning models. Typical DIY programs suffer poor retention and completion rates, and a superficial learning experience. By engaging participants in real time group-based models, the program and group process sustains interest and engagement, and provides deeper and longer lasting learning.

Onboarding Programs

Effective onboarding programs let new employees know they are valued, efficiently transition them into their workflow, and provide critical relationships for their integration into the team. Ineffective onboarding is an invitation for employees to continue job hunting.

Cross-Training Programs

Cross-training creates efficiency and builds relationships. We have a tendency to develop our knowledge in silos, creating miscommunication and gaps between organizational functions. Empower your employees to master the big picture of your organization in order to realize efficiency innovations. 

Customer Education

Too many organizations toss their products over the wall, leaving acceptance and utilization for the customer to figure out. An effective customer education program builds utilization, acceptance, and creates raving fans. A support function becomes a strategic asset.

Learning Micro-Shots

Micro-shots (aka Microlearning) are short, regular, timely, and relevant learning lessons and reminders. Leaders have direct access to participants, and participants keep current while on the go. Repetition and consistency, as in marketing, deepen learning and adoption.