“The gig economy…is now estimated to be 34% of the workforce and expected to be 43% by the year 2020.” Those who can make it will gain economic stability, and as a result, geographic flexibility.

            Purpose + Mastery = Autonomy

We support success-oriented influencers, independent educators, authors, and subject matter experts who use educational programs in their offering. We provide turnkey and a la carte solutions so you can focus on customers and services, and offer four branded learning platforms to distribute your programs. 

Solopreneur Bundle

For the knowledge solopreneur, we offer a complete range of services to get you to market quickly with your offer: Design and delivery instruction and support, technology and business services, and collaborative program marketing to develop your reputation as a thought leader and influencer.  This program can get you to market in 90 days. Register here.

Instructional Artists Collective

The Instructional Artists Collective is a professional development community of training and education program designers, subject matter experts, authors, coaches, counselors, teachers, and mentors. We are focused on developing and maintaining high impact programs using interactive and social learning strategies. Subscribe here.

Program Marketing

Develop a comprehensive, actionable marketing plan based on low cost content and influencer marketing strategies.  Conduct a market analysis and competitive assessment to determine your positioning and pricing within your competitive ecosystem.  Craft a value-driven content plan, and determine your marketing channels. Register here.

Mentoring Certifications

Certified mentors have access to our program catalog and focus on helping participants directly. Programs designers will certify you in each program you choose and will support you throughout your programs.  Candidates should complete the Program Mentoring class, then register for the certification program.

The Public Square Academy

The Public Square Academy (PSA) is a civics and consumer education platform providing civics and consumer education programs to organizations and individuals. The PSA Forum is a contemporary service club for individuals and groups which examine contemporary political and ethical topics and issues in a problem-solving model. 

Career Storybook

Career Storybook (CSB) offers educational programs for individuals to find their best career in alignment with their strengths, interests, and values. The courses cover topics from career alignment, career readiness, organizational life, and entrepreneurship.


Keystones offers support clubs and wellbeing programs: Life Skills for the newly independent, family and life coaching, and wellbeing programs to help us work with our burdens, traumas, and health conditions.

The Chops Academy

The Chops Academy offers ongoing professional development programs to targeted niche audiences mentored by top performers in their fields. These programs are for professional who want to work at the top of their careers in a supportive community of peers.

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