Practical Academics is a micro multinational education conglomerate focusing on participant engagement using interactive strategies.


We provide group-based interactive education, training and development, and marketing services to mission-driven organizations including nonprofits, B-Corps, schools and educational providers, professional development associations, and local economic development organizations. 


We manage four lifelong learning platforms for education program delivery and also operate a professional development community for curriculum designers, teachers, coaches, counselors, and mentors. 


Instructional Artists Collective

Instructional Artists Collective (IAC) serves independent and organizational program designers, teachers, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with design and delivery instruction, workshops on interactive strategies, and a professional development and support community. IAC community members serve as resources to work with organizational consulting clients. IAC members offer their programs through their own channels, within their organizations, or on our learning platforms. 

Learning Platforms

The Public Square Academy (PSA) is a civics and consumer education platform providing civics and consumer education programs to organizations and individuals. The PSA Forum is a contemporary service club for individuals and groups which examine contemporary political and ethical topics and issues in a problem-solving model. 

Keystones are the missing manuals for successful lives.  Keystone programs and clubs provide ready for life programs for young adults and soft skills training for professionals. Healthy lifestyles are best learned by education and through the practice of our ongoing lifestyle change support groups.

Career Storybook serves individuals, schools, communities  and professionals of all ages with career development programs. Group-based explorations seek individuals best career fit while teaching and coaching the fundamentals of work and successful organizational life.

The degree will get you the job, but you need chops to succeed. The Chops Academy is a collection of professional development communities serving specific niches. These mentored, peer support communities attract professionals dedicated to professional excellence by staying current on developments in their field.

Delivery Team

Our team has diverse experience in designing quality educational programs and in education marketing, technology implementation and operations, writing, storytelling, and game design.

Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman


Jennifer Stringer

Jennifer Stringer

Marketing Director

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