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It’s time for providers and teachers of online education and training programs to face reality: our current practices are bad for students: it a struggle to stay engaged, students drop out at high rates, and the learning is superficial. Students leave behind wasted efforts, disillusioned, and in debt.

Let’s take a look at our “Current Reality” and do something about it.





The Whitepaper provides the rationale for using group-based, interactive education and training strategies.

We offer a complete set of services for the education solopreneur and organizations.

Benefit #1
Program design, development, and delivery instruction and support, based on an adult learning model and emphasizing interactivity (discussions, case studies, role plays, fictionalization, gamification, etc.)
Benefit #2
Tools and business services. The Canvas LMS, Zoom video conferencing, payment processing/reporting, prof. liability insurance, etc. The Canvas Learning Management System enables synchronous, cloud-based access from computers, tablets, and mobile devices enabling 7×24 access to program content and discussions.
Benefit #3
Marketing training and support. We help you attract participants with a strategic marketing plan. We develop and execute brand marketing programs, promote individual programs on our PSA brand channels, and help you develop and execute program-specific marketing plans targeted to your intended customers.

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