Jennifer Stringer

Jennifer Stringer

Jennifer Stringer

Marketing Director

Jennifer is the Marketing Lead for Practical Academics and its subsidiaries. She manages the overarching brand strategy as well as working directly with our designers and mentors. A former educator herself, Jennifer enjoys the opportunity to work alongside other leaders in the field and help them bring their ideas to life and to the marketplace.

Academic and Professional Background

Jennifer earned her Undergraduate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Education at Texas Woman’s University in 2002. She joined the teaching field and then returned to continue her education twice, first resulting in a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and secondly, a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Technology.

In 2012, she started pursuing opportunities beyond the classroom, first as a consultant, then in a full-time position, and finally opening her own Education and Marketing Agency. Her agency, Square 32, works with innovative startups and organizations in the Education and Educational Technology fields. She provides marketing strategy, creative development and services to her clients.

Personal Profile

I believe in the power of education. I still remember being a 9-year-old and trying to convince my younger sister and her friends to be my students. While that didn’t quite work, I started to see the connection between engagement and education. When technology started to enter the classroom, the first thing I noticed was the level of student engagement. If we can engage people, we can teach them, we can build empathy in them, and we have the power to transform people.

I work best with people who have big ideas, who share the same passion I do for learning and who never stop being curious.

Cultural Perspectives

In today’s politically divided environment, I feel like we’ve lost the ability to see others as humans. Our country’s long history of focusing on our economy, supporting big business and maximizing profits has ignored the real people that work hard to build those businesses. And with 1, 2, or even 3 jobs they aren’t even able to afford healthcare and stable housing. I believe engaging people through education is the way to ensure the future success of people around the world and the societies in which they can strive.

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