Professional Associations

Professional associations are the champions of integrity and quality of a profession. They represent the collective needs and interests of individuals practicing specific occupations. They embody the credibility of the profession and respect for the practitioners of the craft.

Practical Academics works with new and existing associations to develop and advance the standards, programs, certifications, and continuous learning communities that keep the members at the top of their fields. Expert members may also want to offer their own programs and host niche learning communities through the Chops Academy.


Consultative Training and Development

Learning organizations retain their competitive knowledge by actively participating in the learning process. We consult with you to design, build, and support T & D programs that are efficient, that ensure critical knowledge is retained and sustained, and that support quality relationship development within the organization. 

Hosted Professional Development

Hosted Professional Development offers associations a professional training and education partnership brings the benefits of blended learning services to your members. This includes traditional courses, learning communities, workshops, and micro-learning subscriptions. Give your members the competitive edge of current knowledge and peer-based support communities.

Interactive Program Design

We work with your instructional designers and subject matter experts to design interactive programs for your Association. Strategies include problem- and project-based learning, case study design, role-playing, gamification, and the use of fiction and story. Your designers may want to join the Instructional Artists Collective.

Customer Education

Promote your profession with customer education programs.  An educated consumer works more effectively with your members, respects you and promotes the profession.




Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly, or it vanishes.

– Peter Drucker

The hallmark of professional excellence is situational leadership.  This means the ability to make the best choices for new and unique situations in the moment. This requires expertise, emotional intelligence, and balanced awareness.  “Chops” are an improviser’s expression of mastery. The Chops Academy is a platform for ongoing professional development communities. Mentors are respected leaders in their specialty, and provide ongoing education and updates on their fields to their member practitioners.  The degree will get you the job, but you’ll need chops to thrive.


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