Interactive Program Design


Develop the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to create highly engaging and effective interactive educational programs.

Interactive Design is a group-based model incorporating traditional curriculum development design, but emphasizing group-based interactive strategies:

Discussion and debate
Problem-based learning
Case-based learning

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

Understand the foundations of our interactive program strategies.
Learn to use delivery tools like Canvas LMS and zoom video conferencing.
Develop strategies for hosting and supporting discussions and small groups.
Explore, select, and develop experiential learning approaches including role-plays, case studies, problem-based learning, gamification, and fictionalization.
Develop a detailed plan and complete the build-out of your program.

Target Audience

Organizations with a civic/social mission who wish to use educational programs expand their reach and further their mission.
Individual subject matter experts, teachers, authors, and speakers who wish to develop an income stream, build thought leadership, and influencer status.
Educators who wish to offer non-traditional or niche programs not typically supported in traditional educational institutions.
Subject matter experts who wish to scale their expertise by training and supporting other mentors in their field.


The design program is scheduled to run 60 days. The first 30 days is direct instruction where you will develop a complete program blueprint. In the second 30 days, you build your program with the mentor and peer support.  Solopreneurs should also register in the Program Marketing class following the first 30 days where we will develop a collaborative marketing plan.

Instructional design experience is not necessary. This program is designed as a group-supported program but can be completed at your own pace with direct mentor support.

Mentor: Michael Freedman, M.A.

Designer: Michael Freedman, M.A.