Mentoring Interactive Programs

Suggested Price: $399.00

The focus of this program is to help mentors develop and sustain participant engagement in an online group-based program, and to prepare mentors with the knowledge, skills, and tools for leading online group-based learning experiences.

Minimum Price: $199.00

Mentoring Interactive Programs teaches participants how to develop, build, and run highly engaging online programs. Participant engagement is necessary - is prerequisite - for participant content mastery: without engagement, learning will not happen. Mentors are trained and supported in helping participants become more engaged learners, program participants, and committed lifelong learners.


In addition to delivering the content of the program and achieving the program's learning objectives, Mentors will become "engagement experts," capable of supporting their participants' transformation as defined in the program you will lead.


  • Practical Academics Designers who will be delivering programs, or supporting mentors delivering their programs.
  • Practical Academics Mentors who will be delivering one or more programs from the Mentor Catalog.
  • Academic Educators, Organizational Trainers, and Instructional Designers who wish to develop their mastery delivering interactive online group programs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, Mentors will:

  • Become inspiring, motivating, and supportive mentors for their program participants.
  • Have a basic understanding of the foundations of mentoring, including relationship development, communications strategies, psychological concepts, educational practices, and coaching/mentoring knowledge and skills to run a high functioning online group-based program.
  • Have a sufficient understanding of - and operational facility with - the tools, processes, and procedures for leading a group-based interactive program.


  • Your Mentoring Plan.  This plan includes your plans for presenting the program, including participant onboarding, relationship development strategies, performance and group contracts, plans for developing and facilitating group meetings (agendas), discussions, and interactive activities, and post-course follow up. The mentoring plan can also serve as a train-the-trainer plan for Program Designers who submit their programs to the Program Catalog.


The design program runs for 30 days with weekly meetings on video conference. We will contact you to develop a group or individual program to meet your schedule.

Mentor: Michael Freedman, M.A.

Designer: Michael Freedman, M.A.

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