Program Marketing


Learn and apply marketing tactics, content, and personal branding to develop an actionable marketing plan and campaign to promote your programs.

Program Marketing is a 4-Module course designed to give you the foundations, tools, and support to create and execute a marketing plan for your programs (classes, workshops, and forums) on your own or through the Practical Academics learning platforms. The program has four modules:

  1. Welcome and Overview: An overview of Marketing and our approach to marketing.
  2. Program Marketing: Begin your Marketing Plan by incorporating material from your Program. Start marketing documents: Value Propositions, Program Goals, a Content Catalog
  3. Market Analysis: Research to develop an understanding of and define your place in the ecosystem you will operate.
  4. Marketing Campaign: Determine your content and messaging, the media strategy and distribution channels you will use to connect with your prospects.

When you have completed this program you will have a comprehensive Marketing Plan which positions you in your market ecosystem with a clear identity and message, actionable strategies with which to develop clients. This is a dynamic plan which should be referenced and updated as your focus refines and market conditions changes.

Program Marketing is a 4-Module course stepping you through the marketing planning process culminating in the execution of your marketing plan. This program can be completed individually at your own pace, or in a group with weekly video meetings to be scheduled upon registration. This program may be taken concurrently with Program Design.

The program will take approximately 15-25 hours depending on your marketing experience, how complex your plan will be, and how much material you have to start with. It is designed to be completed as part of a monthly cohort with weekly video-conference meetings but can be completed at your own pace with instructor support available. Register now for the next cohort. You will get a login to the course in Canvas and we will contact you and build a schedule around your needs.

Mentor: Michael Freedman, M.A.

Designers: Michael Freedman, M.A. and Jennifer Stringer, M.A.

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