Practical Academics provides training on interactive program design and delivery and conducts workshops on specific interactive skills designed to enhance designer’s programs and mentor’s effectiveness.

The programs use our personalized, mentored small group model. Participants develop a deep understanding of strategies and methods being taught and will be prepared to develop interactive activities for use in their programs. 

Instructional Artists Collective

 The Instructional Artists Collective (IAC) is a professional development community for program designers and mentors. As instructional artists, we seek to transform our program participants by helping them develop their perspectives and advance in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

Interactive Program Design

Interactive Program Design is our core program for instructional designers, teachers, coaches/counselors, and SMEs who want to convert or design an interactive program. Participants will craft a detailed development outline for their program in a supportive mentored small group.

Mentoring Interactive Programs

Mentoring Interactive Programs gives the participant the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to lead a highly engaging online program. Participants plan and practice delivering an interactive program, develop relationship and group-building strategies, and manage interactive activities.

Solopreneur Bundle

For the knowledge solopreneur, we offer a complete range of services to get you to market quickly with your offer: Design and delivery instruction and support, technology and business services, and collaborative program marketing to develop your reputation as a thought leader and influencer. 

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is a core strategy in developing mastery of content, skills, and the development of perspectives by using real-world and personally meaningful projects. Learn various PBL strategies and design projects for your programs. Contact us to be added to the waiting list.

Program Marketing

Program Marketing is a 4-Module course for solopreneurs and small organizations designed to give you the foundations, tools, and support to create and execute a marketing plan for your programs (classes, workshops, and forums) on your own or through the Practical Academics learning platforms. 


Games and gamification offer two unique strategies for creating powerful learning experiences and increasing engagement in any learning environment. You will explore the game-based learning toolkit and develop a game to meet your learning objectives as you work to make your course more effective and memorable for your participants.  Contact us to be added to the waiting list.

Role Playing

Role playing is a core strategy for participants to develop and practice approaches and new behaviors for personal and professional growth.  Participants learn the fundamentals of role-playing, various strategies for designing role plays, and develop role play scenarios and role-play management strategies to use their programs. Contact us to be added to the waiting list.


Fictionalization guides you through the theory and practice of using stories and to enhance your educational program.  In this workshop you will use the Practical Academics story bible to develop a short story which offers participants the opportunity dig deeper into the issues your program addresses and achieve the transformation they seek.

Case-Based Learning

Case-based learning is a primary interactive strategy which engages students in assessing complex historical scenarios and hypothetical futures in the safety of the educational “laboratory.”  Working these cases builds practical knowledge, higher levels of cognition, soft skill development.  Contact us to be added to the waiting list.

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